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Eric L - March 13, 2017

This is one of the gems of the Rogue Valley. Their bagels are great and all of the sandwiches are superb. Especially satisfying is the egged bagel. But I have. Even stopping in for an onion bagel with cream cheese every morning for years and I still look forward each morning.. Ashland, OR

Tialoc O

Tialoc O - April 04, 2017

Tasty bagels!
Excellent prices!
Try the avocado cream cheese bagel with lox! Yum!!!
Also, I owe this restaurant .75¢! I didn't know they charged for coffee refills! Til next time! Seattle, WA

Mika M

Mika M - February 01, 2017

Tuna melt sandwich on a spinach kale bagel = AMAZING.
I'd never conceived the concept of a spinach kale bagel until I moved to this town.
And I don't know what possessed me to order this combination but the results were incredible.
The tuna salad had carrots and celery in it and the whole concoction was creamy, cheesy, well balanced and delicious. Ashland, OR

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Alan E - August 08, 2016

Our standard on-our-way-out-of-town breakfast stop.
Great bagels and also gluten-free and non-dairy spread options. Stockton, CA

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