Our History

Little Shop of Bagels is a locally owned bakery cafe in Ashland, OR that has been in business since 1994- over 20 years.
Come in for breakfast, brunch, or lunch in our casual, art filled cafe with plenty of seating for one or a group.
Try a delicious bagel with one of our fabulous spreads- Jalapeno Cheddar with Sundried Tomato Cream Cheese perhaps? Chocolate Chip Bagel with Marionberry? Go crazy!
Don't worry, we have plain bagels and plain cream cheese too. Yum! See you soon!

Taste and Quality


  • We take pride in using the best ingredients, and our bagels have ALWAYS been made with Organic Flour.
  • We serve delicious Organic Has-Beans Coffee.
  • We use Certified Humane cage-free eggs for our Breakfast "Eggel Bagel" Sandwich.
  • We use Wild, Line-Caught Alaskan Salmon in our Lox Spread.
  • Our Cream Cheese is RBST (Recombinant Bovine Somatotropin [growth hormone used in dairy farming]) -Free,
    as is the Cream for your coffee

The History of Bagels
Why they are a great choice.

"Though the origins of bagels are somewhat obscure, it is known that they were widely consumed in eastern European Jewish communities from the 17th century. The first known mention of the bagel, in 1610, was in Jewish community ordinances in Kraków, Poland.
The basic roll-with-a-hole design is hundreds of years old and has other practical advantages besides providing for

  • a more even cooking and baking of the dough
  • The hole could be used to thread string or dowels through groups of bagels,
  • allowing for easier handling and transportation
  • and more appealing seller displays"
  • Bagels are baked, not Deep Fat Fried making them better for you!

Meet Our Team   (photos are simple samples)

Francesca Fericano - Owner

Here since the beginning,
Francesca takes great pride in continuing to offer the best
Little Shop of Bagels.


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